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Under development - Lifts (elevators) (c-PCR to PCR 2019:14)



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PCR information

This is a complementary PCR (c-PCR) to the general construction product PCR (2019:14). The c-PCR is currently being developed to replace the existing PCR for lifts (PCR 2015:05).

The draft c-PCR is available for open consultation until 2020-06-01. Any stakeholder is invited to send comments or feedback to the PCR Moderator or post them on the PCR Forum on this page. Please indicate if you would like to be listed as a contributor in the document and on http://www.environdec.com for this PCR.

The draft PCR document may be downloaded in PDF format on the right side of this page.

The free registration will also enable you to post comments on the PCR Forum.

Dates are preliminary and subject to change.

Detailed information

Name: Under development - Lifts (elevators) (c-PCR to PCR 2019:14)
CPC Codes:4354 Lifts, skip hoists, escalators and moving walkways
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 3 (2017-)
Based on: PCR 2019:14 Construction products (EN 15804:A2)
Related PCR: Lifts (elevators) (expires 2020-10-14)
Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: European Lift Association (ELA)
Appointed PCR moderator: Nikolay Minkov  (greenzer0 GmbH) on the behalf of the European Lift Association (ELA)