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Under development - Liquid immersed power transformers (>25 MVA)



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This PCR is under development. A draft was available for a first open consultation until 2017-12-06. After a decision from the Technical Committee, a second open consultation was to be held based on an updated draft. The second open consultation was open until 2019-07-27. The PCR moderator and PCR committee will now update the draft based on comments received. The final draft will be reviewed before publication.

Dates are preliminary and subject to change.

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Detailed information

Name: Under development - Liquid immersed power transformers (>25 MVA)
CPC Codes:46121 Electrical transformers
GPI version: General Programme Instructions 3 (2017-)
Based on: PCR Basic Module: Electrical machinery and apparatus
Related PCR: Liquid- or gas-filled and dry type transformers (de-registered)
Geographical scope: Global
PCR committee: CESI S.p.a., Politecnico di Milano, Tamini S.r.l.
Appointed PCR moderator: Vito D'Incognito  Take Care International

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