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28, 2018

Product Category Rules for Fabrics of natural fibres for apparel sector published

Image: Freeimages.com/Karl-Erik Bennion

Product Category Rules (PCR) for declaring the environmental impact of Woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics of naturals fibres (except silk), for apparel sector have now been published in the International EPD® System.

The development of the PCR was led by Bekir Cetin at Semtrio Sustainability Consulting as the appointed PCR Moderator in accordance with the PCR Process described in the General Programme Instructions of the International EPD System, based on ISO 14025. During the development of the document, it has been subject for an open consultation on www.environdec.com as well as a review by the appointed Technical Committee.

The PCR is now available for any company to voluntarily develop and publish information on the life cycle environment impact of these services in a transparent and comparable way.