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25, 2018

PCRs being updated to latest programme instructions

In December 2017 version 3.0 of the General Programme Instructions (GPI) were published and during the spring 2018 all PCR Basic Modules were updated and based on the new GPI. As the next step, the PCR moderators and PCR committees are welcome to take the initiative to update the respective PCRs during their validity to comply with GPI 3.0.

To ensure an up-to-date PCR library, the Secretariat will take the initiative to update the most recently-published or updated PCRs during their validity. This work will be done together with the PCR moderators and PCR committees. To avoid any problems for ongoing EPD development, a transition period of the current version of the PCR will be set on a case-to-case basis.

For any questions, please see each PCR page or contact the Secretariat.