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15, 2020

PCR for construction products published based on the new EN 15804

New PCR for construction products

We are proud to announce the publication of new Product Category Rules (PCR) for construction products, PCR 2019:14. The PCR is based on the updated European standard for EPDs of construction products, EN 15804, which was launched in 2019. The International EPD® System is, to our knowledge, the first EPD programme to issue a PCR based on the updated EN 15804.

Compared to the old version, the new PCR has different requirements in terms of allowed scopes, required indicators and allocation procedures, among others. The PCR provides a link between the requirements in the General Programme Instructions of the International EPD® System and the new EN 15804. It is also meant to provide a basis for EPDs based on ISO 21930:2017 if additional requirements are met.

The first six complementary PCRs are also published, with specific guidance regarding cement and building lime, ceramic tiles, concrete and concrete elements, floor covering, thermal insulation, and wood products used for construction. Complementary PCRs covering more product categories will be published over time.

The old PCR for Construction products, PCR 2012:01, will be valid until 2020-09-01 to enable EPD owners and EPD users to adapt to the new standard.

Read more and see the new PCR here: www.environdec.com/PCR/Detail/?Pcr=14759