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15, 2020

New upcoming sunset date for PCRs following old EN15804:2012 A1

EPD International AB has received requests regarding the validity for the use of PCRs and complimentary PCRs (c-PCRs) according to the old EN15804:2012 A1 (i.e. PCR 2012:01).

As founding member of the ECO Platform, we plan to adopt an upcoming recommendation from the ECO Platform to its EPD programme members on uniformly handling the transition period to the new version of the standard of EN15804:2019 A2 as well as official sunset dates on which the old version shall no longer be used.

We expect to be able to communicate details from the recommendation in May/June this year. Being one of the first programme operators on the market offering PCRs following the new EN15804:2019 A2, we will ensure to align the sunset dates for any PCRs and c-PCRs according to the old EN15804:2012 A1 to secure a smooth transition. We therefore expect a prolongment of the validity date of those PCRs and c-PCRs beyond 2020-09-01.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend organisations who start their EPD development to follow our PCRs that follow the new EN15804:2019 A2 standard already today.