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17, 2018

New regional hub of the International EPD® System opened in Russia

The International EPD® system offers the possibility for organizations in different parts of the world to join forces with the system with the ambition to expand the practical use of EPD as now increasingly being expected in many societal sectors. For this purpose, fully aligned regional programmes (also referred to as regional hubs) have been established around the world. The regional hub handles all EPD registrations into the International EPD® System and helpdesk requests in the relevant country/region.

There are several advantages for both parties with a closecooperation in the field of PCR and EPD harmonization, e.g.

  • Increased possibilities for information and marketing of EPD in a truly global perspective
  • Easier to reach local and regional customer in the market by information and personal contacts in the native language
  • Better overview of the local and regional market situation with regard to EPD and thereby good access  to potential market actors interested in EPD

Recently EPD International has signed an agreement with CIS Center in Moscow for them to become the regional hub for the International EPD® system in Russia. CIS Center is an organization active in a number of environmental aspects such as hazard assessment of chemicals, compliance assessment and sustainable development. In the field of potential industries interested to register EPD, CIS Center has specifically identified the following product categories: fertilizers, pesticides, general chemicals, ores and minerals, and metals.

CIS Center is now engaged in a number of ways to promote EPD in Russia and will carry out its annual international conference on chemicals sound management and safe handling in October 2018 in Astana (Kazakhstan) where the newly established cooperation with the International EPD® system will be presented.

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