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4, 2020

New PCR Partnership Programme established

Harmonization of Product Category Rules (PCR) is at the heart of meeting EU and global market expectations to make lifecycle-based environmental performance data of manufacturers’ products and services comparable.

EPD International AB therefore now calls for deep collaboration between and the coordination of the PCR development processes amongst EPD Programme Operators (EPD POs) and PCR developers in a market-driven PCR Partnership Programme (PPP). This new PPP initiative is especially necessary when EPD POs shall offer regularly updated and harmonised PCR information on a global scale to their markets.­­­­­­­

The overall objectives of this PPP are to:

  • initiate constructive forms of co-operations between POs leading to full consistency of PCR- and EPD work according to ISO 14025 and ISO/TS 14027
  • minimize misuse and market failure of PCR and EPD
  • avoid proliferation of PCRs in the same product category
  • gain market acceptance for effective efforts to harmonize PCR

Please click here to get detailed information about the PPP and to discuss how we can join forces.