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2, 2017

Updated terminology and structure of construction product PCRs

Main PCR structure for construction products

The terminology around construction product PCRs has been updated to make it more clear and consistent with recent developments in standardisation:

  • PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services. This is the main implementation of the standard EN 15804, and may be used to create EPDs for all construction products with two limitations: a declared unit is used and the scope is limited to cradle-to-gate (with options).
  • PCR 2012:01 + Sub-PCRs. Using the general PCR complemented with a short "sub-PCR" for a specific product category, EPDs with a functional unit and cradle-to-grave scope may be published.

The relevant PCR and sub-PCRs have been updated with this new terminology.

Sub-PCRs are also planned to be the main way to implement "PCR standards" complementing EN 15804 developed by CEN Product Technical Committees. The Secretariat has initiated such sub-PCRs for all published and some upcoming "PCR standards" and will start a discussion with PCR moderators of existing PCR moderators in case of an overlap in scope.

In addition to this main structure, there are also stand-alone PCR documents for construction products:

  • Stand-alone PCRs compliant with EN 15804
  • Stand-alone PCRs not compliant with EN 15804

These exist mainly for legacy reasons and may be relevant to replace with sub-PCRs, when updated, on a case-to-case basis.