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10, 2017

Pilot launched to test EPDs in machine-readable formats


The interest for the providing the EPD (or a subset of it) in a data format that may be directly imported into different IT tools, databases or LCA software has been growing recently. This is especially the case for the construction sector, where there are now thousands of EPDs available on the market, and the interest is growing for using the information in, e.g., certification systems, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and modelling tools.

The International EPD® System recently launched a pilot test of one of the format solutions available on the market. The pilot is based an extended version of the ILCD data format, and may be aligned with other international developments, e.g. in the InData working group.

The usability and feasability of such a system is depending on the benefit it provides to EPD owners and how well it fits different potential uses of the information. To ensure that the developments are consistent with the international expectations and demands, stakeholders are kindly requested to contact the Secretariat with any feedback, or to contribute in other ways.