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20, 2014

Nesher registers the first EPD® from Israel

Nesher EPDs

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises has become the first company from Israel to register EPD®s in the International EPD® System. With the publication of these documents, there are now EPD®s from 20 different countries currently published on www.environdec.com.

The EPD®s describe the environmental performance of the products from raw material extraction to the produced product (cradle-to-gate) and has been made and verified in accordance with the Product Category Rules for Cement and the EN 15804 standard.

The LCA and EPD were developed by Assif Strategies, a member of the International EPD® System.

The products that have been declared are three types of Portland cement for different applications. The EPD®s are available for download in PDF format by following the link below.