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26, 2015

Beijing EPD helpdesk launched


As a part of its effort to support organisations to communicate the environmental performance of their products in a credible and understandable way on the international markets, the International EPD® System is now expanding its non-English language support to its users.

A new helpdesk function in Beijing, China, will assist local companies and other stakeholders in understanding environmental product declarations, participate in the development of Product Category Rules and much more.

The EPD offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg will continue to answer questions in English and Swedish. Partners to the International EPD® System are also available to answer your questions in Australia/New Zealand, the Czech Republic and Turkey, and register EPDs for publication at www.environdec.com.




EPD位于斯德哥尔摩和哥德堡的办公室将继续用英语和瑞典语回复相关问题,位于澳大利亚/新西兰、捷克和土耳其的国际EPD® 体系合作伙伴也可以帮助解答您的疑问。EPD注册相关信息通过网站www.environdec.com 进行发布。