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8, 2012

Swerea presents efficient climate efforts

Swerea IVF has updated its Climate Declaration from 2009 and managed to almost reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by half. Mats Lundin, its president, now challenges other research institutes to a climate battle.

Swerea IVF has decreased its emissions by almost 4 kg CO2eq per research hour to just over 2 kg. At large the decrease has taken place in the transition to hydro-based electricity, but also on changing travelling patterns from car or plane to train.

Now we must not rest on our laurels but continue to reduce our carbon emissions, says Mats Lundin.

The declaration, made under the International EPD® System, is based on industry-wide rules for how to measure and calculate greenhouse emissions research services - PCR 811 Research and experimental development services in natural sciences.

Swerea IVF's most significant contribution to climate change is urgently linked to the outcome of the research carried out – not the research itself.

"It may seem like a paradox that we climate declares the less important part, the research design, but first we want to sweep up our own house, and it’s impossible to quantify the research findings impact on the environment in a way that makes it comparable to other institutions," said Mats Lundin.

Swerea IVF assesses sustainability in all of its projects and aims to achieve the best possible climate benefits of its research findings. Swerea IVF carries out research in materials, processes, products and production technology.


8, 2012

Updated EPDs from Axpo and Freudenberg Politex

Axpo Holding Ag has updated their EPD for production of electricity and biogas at the Kompogas Facility in Otelfingen. The EPD, first issued in 2009, is now re-certified and will be valid until 2015.

Freudenberg Politex has issued a new version of their EPD for Ecozero®. Ecozero® is a panel for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and rooftops.


2, 2012

First climate declaration for research services updated

Swerea IVF, the Swedish research institute, was the first research institute that issued a climate declaration for their services. The climate declaration is now updated, according to the new PCR, and shows how Swerea IVF has managed to lower their carbon footprint.


27, 2012

PCR for site remediation and cleanup services

A new PCR for site remediation and cleanup services has been published. The product category rules can be used for the assessment of the environmental performance of UN CPC 94413 (Site remediation and clean up services, soil and groundwater) and for the declaration of this performance by an EPD.


18, 2012

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18, 2012

New PCR on Paper Chemicals

PCR on Paper Chemicals

A new PCR on chemicals has been published. The PCR cover chemicals used for paper production.


17, 2012

Article on the PCR for Raw Milk

Natural News.com has written an article on the upcoming PCR for Raw Milk.


11, 2012

New PCR: Meat of mammals

PCR Meat of mammals

New product category rules (PCR) covering Meat of mammals are now published. The PCR gives the requirements on creating EPDs for the CPC codes 2111 - Meat of mammals, fresh or chilled and 2113 - Meat of mammals, frozen.


6, 2012

Bombardier issues an EPD for Talent 2

Talent 2

Bombardier has issued a new EPD for the train Talent 2. This is the fourth EPD from Bombardier, the complete list can be found below.


29, 2012

Three new EPDs on panels

Three Spanish companies have issued EPDs on panels for the construction sector. Two of the panels are used for facades and the third one is a panel used for insulation purposes.


28, 2012

New PCR on frozen vegetables

New PCR on frozen vegetables

A new PCR on frozen vegtables has been issued. The PCR includes frozen vegetables like beans, peas and potatoes.


24, 2012

New PCR on Fruit and nuts

PCR Fruit and nuts

A new PCR covering fruits and nuts has been published. The PCR covers CPC Group 013 which includes citrus fruits, grapes and nuts etc.


24, 2012

BYK-Chemie issues three EPDs


German based BYK-Chemie (division within the Altana Group) has issued three new EPDs for chemical additives, used as viscosity reducers for PVC plastisols.


20, 2012

Search for deregistered EPDs

Are you wondering if a specific EPD-certificate still is valid? Deregistered EPDs are now listed on the website, use the advanced EPD search to search among deregistered EPDs.

List of deregistered EPDs


10, 2012

PCRs on open consultations

At the moment five PCRs are out on open consultation. One of the most important elements of the International EPD®system is to secure an open and transparent procedure for interested parties to take part in and give comments on draft proposals for PCRs for different product categories.

Please contact the secretariat or the PCR moderator for more information on the draft PCRs.

Below are the links to the draft PCRs: