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Latest EPD registrations

These are the latest Environmental Product Declarations published or updated in the International EPD® System.

  • new
    Electricity from Krångede hydropower plant
  • new
    Steel rebar manufactured from steel scrap
  • new
    Steel Wire Rod and Steel Galvanized Wire manufactured from steel scrap
  • new
    Steel Pre-Stressed Rope manufactured from steel scrap
  • new
    Steel Wide Flange Beam manufactured from steel scrap
  • new
    Aluminium Composite Panels
  • new
    Painted Aluminium Sheets
  • Isofex
  • Insuver
  • Ibr
  • Eco 035
  • Acustilaine E
  • Ixxo
  • Float glass
  • Reflective (Coated) Glass
  • Ultraplan, Ultraplan Eco Ultraplan Maxi and Novoplan Maxi
  • S-P-00909 Keraflex, Keraflex Easy S1 and Kerabond Plus
  • Topcem Pronto and Mapecem Pronto
  • Keraflex Max S1 Zero and Keraflex Maxi S1 Ultra White
  • SEISMIC® steel reinforcing bar, coil, rod and wire
  • Mapelastic CI, Mapelastic WaterStop, Mapelastic AquaDefense
  • NXT™ Concept Building - Wyndham LUX Perth Hotel
  • Porcelain Stoneware Tiles
  • Glazed Stoneware Tiles
  • Earthenware Tiles
  • Swerea IVF Research services
  • Plan Coffee Tables
  • Helen Chair
  • PRETEC NC-Bolt and Pc-Bolt
  • ALSTOM Mainline track - Concrete track NBT
  • ALSTOM Metro electrification system 1,5kV - rigid catenary
  • Gyptone 10 mm with Activ'Air
  • Gyptone 12.5 mm with Activ'Air
  • Mulino Bianco Batticuori - Italian biscuits with chocolate
  • Mulino Bianco Pagnotta di Gran Duro e Integrale - Italian soft bread
  • Sydney Growth Trains
  • Swedish sawn timber of spruce or pine
  • Radiata pine laminated wood
  • SGG PLANICLEAR Clear float glass
  • SGG DIAMANT Extra clear low-iron glass
  • SGG PLANILUX® Clear float glass
  • SGG PARSOL® Body-tinted glass
  • SGG REFLECTASOL® Pyrolytic CVD coated glass
  • Magnetron coated glass on SGG PLANILUX & SGG PARSOL
  • Granarolo Yomo Organic Yogurt
  • SCUDO Complete rabbit feed
  • 12.5 mm Rigips Habito Hydro
  • 12.5 mm Rigips Habito