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Hot-rolled bar steel product (Imatra)

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Product information

The declared unit is 1 tonne (1000 kg) of hot-rolled bar steel product at Ovako gates from their production site in Imatra. With respect to alloying content, the product represents an average product from the site. The average consists of different steel qualities with alloying content varying according to the Content declaration below. With respect to finishing, the products are hot-rolled, ground and blasted. Ovako hot-rolled bars from Imatra are available in dimensions between 25-200 mm, and characterized by close tolerances, excellent straightness as well as roundness, good surfaces and low decarburization. This makes them ideally suited for forging and machining.

As can be seen in the figure below, the main inputs to the steel making are scrap, alloys, coal, electrodes, fuels, oxygen and inbound transportation. Scrap is melted in the electric arc furnace, alloyed in the ladle furnace and casted to blooms. The blooms go straight to the rolling mill and are reheated, hot-rolled, grinded and blasted. Major additional processes include waste and slag handling and treatment of water and air

Detailed information

Registration number: S-P-01369
Publication/issue date: 2019-03-20
Valid until: 2022-03-19
Verified by: Carl-Otto Nevén
Reference PCR(s): Being updated - Basic iron or steel products & special steels, except construction products (expired 2019-07-01)
Geographical scope: Global

Company information

Ovako Sweden AB
Company name: Ovako Sweden AB
Country: Sweden
Contact: Helena Kumpulainen
Website: www.ovako.com
Management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949

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