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De-registration of EPD

An EPD will remain registered and published until the EPD owner contacts the Secretariat via e-mail or in writing for de-registration of the EPD. Alternatively, the Secretariat may de-register an EPD if fees are not paid in time, or if the EPD contains errors that are not corrected by the EPD owner. A de-registered EPD may no longer be used as it no longer is administered by a programme operator and thus does not fulfil the requirements of ISO 14025.

The EPD owner may choose to let an EPD that has passed the period of validity to continue to be published. This may be relevant for products that are discontinued but remain available on the market or in use. In such cases, the organisation is not allowed to use the expired EPD in marketing unless an exception is made by the programme operator.

The Secretariat shall maintain a list of de-registered EPDs in the programme. Withdrawn EPDs can be made available upon request, provided the EPD owner accepts this.