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Changes, corrections, or amendments to published EPDs

An EPD shall be updated and re-verified during its validity if changes in technology or other circumstances have led to:

  • an increase of 10% or more of any of the indicators listed in Section of the General Programme Instructions as declared in the EPD,
  • errors in the declared information, or
  • significant changes to the declared product information, content declaration, or additional environmental information.

If such changes have occurred, but the EPD is not updated, the organisation shall contact the Secretariat to de-register the EPD.

An EPD owner may also choose to make amendments or other changes to an EPD during its period of validity. For changes concerning any of the verified data in the EPD, e.g. the indicators for environmental performance, verification (EPD verification or EPD process certification) shall be performed. This verification may be based on one of the following options:

  1. The same version of the General Programme Instructions and reference PCR as were used in the original verification, even if they are not the current version or if the PCR has expired. The revised EPD shall then maintain its original period of validity.
  2. The current version of the General Programme Instructions and a current, valid reference PCR. A new period of validity for the EPD may then be set based on the new approval date.

The verification shall result in a verification report. The updated EPD and proof of verification shall, thereafter, be sent to the Secretariat to update the published version on the website.

In addition to these situations, the EPD owner may make editorial changes to a published EPD, such as the change of a logotype or correction of spelling errors, by sending the revised EPD directly to the Secretariat without verification. A revised EPD shall contain a description of the differences versus the previous version and include a “revision date” normally set as the date for submitting the updated EPD document to the Secretariat.