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EPD Process Certification

To make the procedure of verification of EPDs less time and resource consuming the International EPD System have introduced the EPD Process Certification.

Further information

The requirements on the EPD Process Certification can be found in the General Programme Instructions.

To simplify the process for organisations in collecting data, conducting LCAs, and developing EPDs on a large scale, the International EPD® System includes the possibility of “EPD process certification”. With EPD process certification, the organisation may handle the management of EPD data involved in the verification procedure by themselves and issue EPDs without a third-party verifier being involved in each case.

The increased implementation of environmental management systems in many organisations will automatically lead to the establishment of reliable internal follow-up routines, which very well meets many of the needs in the procedure of EPD process certification. Well-managed internal EPD routines will make data collection and its conversion into EPDs more rational and less resource- and time-consuming.

An organisation that has an EPD process certification assessed and certified by an accredited body on a regular basis, is allowed to:

  • develop and issue new EPDs for registration and publication at www.environdec.com, and
  • update published EPDs.