Pre-verified EPD tools

A pre-verified EPD tool contains data and calculation models to simplify the LCA calculation procedure based on a reference PCR. It is pre-verified to ensure that it produces correct data, given the correct input. Please note that while using a pre-verified EPD tool simplifies the procedure for developing an EPD, it does not replace the need for verification according to Section 7 in the General Programme Instructions.

Data generated using the EPD tool may be considered equivalent to specific or selected generic data, and do not need further verification during the verification of the EPD. This will reduce the time needed by the EPD verifier as part of his/her job is already performed, and is, thus, expected to reduce the cost for verification of an EPD.

The EPD verifier shall ensure that data uploaded in the EPD tool are in line with the verified LCA core model implemented in the tool. The verification report shall include information on what data were uploaded to the tool to produce the EPD.

Information about approved pre-verified EPD tools and additional information for companies and EPD verifiers are listed in the table below.

Name of pre-verified EPD toolProduct category/PCRApprovalValid untilVerifierContact information
GCCA tool (formerly WBCSD-CSI tool) Concrete 2014 2021-12-31 Maurizio Fieschi


Information on how to apply for pre-verification of an EPD tool is available here.

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