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Perform LCA study based on PCR

Perform LCA study based on PCR

Characterisation factors

Characterisation factors for the default impact categories are available here.

When developing an EPD, the environmental performance of the product shall be described from a life cycle perspective why one of the main steps is to carry out a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the product. The LCA study may be performed by the organisation itself (in-house) or with the help of a consultant with expertise in LCA and environmental declarations. To avoid conflicts of interest between a consultant and the verification, the cost of verification shall be set up and paid between the company and the verifier, and not be included in the offer from the consultant.

The LCA study shall comply with:

  • the international accepted principles, framework, methodology and practices for LCA established by ISO 14040 and ISO 14044,
  • the general purpose of EPDs in the collection of data, and the methods and assumptions used as advocated in the ISO standard 14025 and described in Annex A of the General Programme Instructions, and
  • the Product Category Rules (PCR) applicable for the product category.

The PCR used shall be listed at www.environdec.com and valid at the time of the verification. The Secretariat may provide guidance in finding the correct PCR, and it should be contacted in case of doubts about the applicability of the PCR to the product in question. The Secretariat may in turn seek support from the PCR moderator or the Technical Committee. If a PCR does not exist for the product category of interest, it shall be developed based on the process described here. For new product categories, a pre-certified EPD may be published in parallel to PCR development.

Pre-verified EPD tools

To offer industry associations and similar organisations a way to assist their members in developing EPDs, the International EPD® System allows the pre-verification of EPD tools. For individual companies having an internal tool, the International EPD System offers the possibility of EPD Process Certification instead. More information on pre-verified EPD tools is available here.