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Meeting with the chair

Massimo Marino is Chair of the technical committee of the International EPD System.

For more information, please contact Massimo Marino at The International EPD System.

Why is there a technical committee (TC) – aren’t all programme rules stated in the GPI already?

Yes, the rules are stated but some misunderstanding is always possible. For this reason the TC is called to help in the interpretation of the rules. Beside that the TC decides on the final approval of PCR and validation of the independent verifiers.

What type of questions do you discuss in the committee? Give us an example.

A typical discussion could be whether a PCR is compliant with the GPI. In many cases the discussions are quite technical and might refer to the functional unit definition or the allocation rules.

There are people from all over the world in the committee. What is it like agreeing on system boundaries?

People from different countries give a wide vision about approaches and competences to the system which is very good value for the system.

What’s your vision for the technical committee?

Right now the TC is involved in the new GPI management. For the future I think that the TC will have a look at the main roundtables that are arising around the world in order to be as updated as possible. Beside that we should overcome the carbon footprint issue to support the sustainability declaration in a wide context.

What’s your next step in a near future?

Beside the current activities, the last part of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 will be devoted to an improvement of the TC with new persons and new rules and to the finalization of the new GPI.

Tell us something positive about the new system boundaries for the GPI.

To be honest, the people that worked on the GPI during the last few years did a very good job. For this reason, the new GPI will not present a “revolution” but many points aimed at giving details, clarifications ad innovations. Some important points are the effort to align the GPI to the new CEN 15804 and a push towards the sustainability declaration.

Massimo Marino is a consultant at the Italian-based consultancy Life Cycle Engineering.