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Port of Bilbao

Port of Bilbao

Port of Bilbao applies EPD and wants more ports to follow

Along with their work in sustainability, the Port of Bilbao has now created an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). They want to take the correct measures, establish accurate diagnose and have the tool that allows them to undertake projects that are truly significant in reducing environmental impact.

Why did you choose to create and publish an EPD?
The Port of Bilbao is committed to identifying all the environmental aspects attributed to its activities and services. This is especially for those who can be directly influenced, adopting the appropriate measures for minimizing and controlling its environmental impact, and making its Environmental Policy available to employees, customers and other relevant stakeholders that may be interested.

In accordance with our environmental responsibility we decided to create and publish the EPD. Because the first step to apply correct measures is to have an accurate diagnosis. And in this sense, the EPD provides us with a quantifiable evaluation of various environmental impacts derived from our activity. At the same time, EPD is the tool that will allow us to undertake projects that are truly significant in reducing environmental impact.

EPD for a service, not a product
There were some initial doubts given that we offer a service and not a product, but the adaptability of the EPD has allowed it to fit perfectly into our activity. If we add that more than 50 companies from the port community have participated, we have obtained a very representative result of our impacts.

What is the next step?
The next step is to implement measures to reduce the most significant environmental impacts identified in the different phases of the process analysed.

What have been the reactions from stakeholders or others?
The work with EPD has created a lot of interest from visitors, press, ports, the port community, etc. Ports of the State have shared with the rest of Spanish Port Authorities the achievement reached in the Port of Bilbao. This is because EPD based on the Life Cycle Analysis of port operations could be used as a reference in the sector.

On the other hand, it would be rewarding to see how other ports adopt the EPD, since they could know and reduce the environmental impacts derived from their activity more efficiently. Also, it would be useful to compare the levels of impact between the different ports, and this can be an interesting piece of additional information.

The Port of Bilbaos EPD
The Port of Bilbaos web site
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About the Port of Bilbao
The Port of Bilbao is one of the most important transport and logistics centres of the European Atlantic Arc, which has allowed it to be established in a privileged connection with the main ports, especially those of America and Northern Europe. Its wide range of maritime services connects it with more than 850 ports around the world. A flexible and dynamic port, capable of accommodating any type of vessel and merchandise and with a specialized service for all traffic.

The Port of Bilbao is at the vanguard of sustainability, an area in which it prioritises the actions of quality, prevention and the environment. The satisfaction of the demands and expectations of customers and users, the recognition of the right to health protection in the workplace and the control of environmental impacts, constitute the central axis of their sustainable development policies.