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For Kerakoll the benefits of using the EPD system is the continous improvement of the environmental performance of products

Kerakoll is a leading manufacturer of materials and services in the applied chemical sector for building applications. The company has been focusing on environmental sustainability for a long time.

“Kerakoll implemented GreenBuilding Rating in 2010, choosing to focus its product development on environmental sustainability and living well-being when internationally recognized tools to measure environmental performance were not yet widespread for construction products. From that outset, the approach was to obtain the attestation by certification bodies.”

Kerakoll has changed from being a chemical company to an eco-friendly, and has a ”green” philosophy following the issuing of EN 15804 for calculating the Life Cycle Inventory and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment for construction products.

“The EPD is a confirmation of the choice made by the company, believing that third party verification is important for the company's reputation. The EPD is a tool that, calculating the various impacts, best describes the environmental profile of the product in its life cycle, guiding the customer towards an informed and responsible choice. For Kerakoll the International EPD System is a technical-scientific platform to strengthen the other environmental communication tools already adopted, such as CFP and GreenBuilding Rating."

For Kerakoll the benefits of using the EPD system is the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of products. The market and public authorities are paying increasing attention to environmental issues, and Kerakoll has always had this same interest.

“Kerakolls goal is to provide the construction market with tools that can guide the design and construction of eco-friendly buildings using sustainable products that contribute to a healthy and safe environment for man and nature by reducing the environmental impact when in use or demolished.”

The information collected for the EPD has made Kerakoll even more aware of the impact of the raw materials that qualitatively characterize the product and about factors that, through an improvement in processes and careful selection of suppliers, can lead to a significant reduction in environmental impact.

“Our first EPD has been developed for the gel-adhesive H40 No Limits, which is one of Kerakoll's market leader products. Kerakoll firmly believes that EPD can be applied to a wide range of products to become a customer and designer support tool in product selection with the best technical and environmental performance, combining performance and sustainability. For this purpose, Kerakoll has obtained EPD Process certification to be independent in the issuing of single EPDs and has created a specific corporate division dedicated to environmental product qualification.”

Kerakoll strategic choices are well defined. The future lies in eco-sustainable construction, in natural building materials that respect people's health, environment and energy saving.