Registering EPDs was the last step for Granarolo

Registering EPDs was the last step for Granarolo

Granarolo high quality milk in PET bottles was the first fresh milk product in the world to receive a certified Environmental Product Declaration. Today Granarolo has nine products registered in the International EPD System - such as organics eggs, mozzarella, yoghurt and different kind of milk.

Many years ago Granarolo initiated a project aimed to calculate the environmental impacts of their products, through a life cycle approach. The verification and the publication of the results, through the registration of the EPDs, were the final step of this process. The EPD was awarded based on a Life Cycle Assessment Study, through which the environmental impacts of the entire production chain were evaluated.

 “The International EPD System was chosen as one of the most reliable among the programme operators, with its approach ruled by the ISO rules and the more than a decade of history.”

Granarolo is one of the largest food-processing companies in Italy, divided into three main areas – milk & cream, yogurt and dairy products. Granarolo has adopted an integrated approach to quality policies that combines economic, environmental and ethical objectives along the entire food chain, from the farm to consumer.

“Since the EPDs highlighted the relevance of the milk production phase on the overall environmental impact of its dairy products, Granarolo decided to develop, with the involvement of experts in different fields, a project aimed at the definition of good practices for the increasing of the sustainability in the dairy farms.”

Granarolo was founded in 1957 near Bologna in the north of Italy. Since then the company has expanded, both national and international. Granarolo have the vision to create Italians well-being and enjoyment with the best milk. The EPD registration is a way to get there and let the consumers knew about it.

“Until now we have received feedback mainly by stakeholders and experts, but Granarolo strongly believes in the EPD program and is confident that the declaration of environmental information will be in the near future appreciated by an increasing share of consumers." 

The long-term goal for Granarolo is to progressively reduce the environmental impacts of its products, with actions in the processing plants but also with the involvement of all the actors of the supply chain.


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