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Fristads Green

Fristads Green

Fristads is leading the way for EPD of clothing

Manufacturing and sales of textiles have a major impact on our planet. Environmental impact arises throughout the manufacturing chain, from raw materials to finished product. Fristads now have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a whole collection, because they want to make a difference.

- To achieve a sustainable production of clothes an active work with reducing the environmental impact is needed. Communicating verified LCA-based information is an important step and Fristads is one of the frontrunners, says Kristian Jelse, Programme manager at EPD International Secretariat.

EPDs are already used in other product areas, but Fristads is the first clothing producer in the world to implement EPD in the International EPD® System. That means that they are measuring the total environmental impact of a garment, from choice of material to delivery of the finished garment.

- EPD is important because we want to contribute to positive change and greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact, says Lene Jul, Product Management Director at Fristads.

As part of working with EPD, Fristads now launces the Fristads Green. A new concept where the entire manufacturing chain is characterized by environmental awareness and innovative solutions to minimize the footprint on the environment.

Fristads solutions for more environmentally friendly garments
The garments are specially designed and have an advanced folding that reduces sewing time and avoids unnecessary waste. The folding technique minimizes the space that is needed for transportation and boat and cars are used instead of air travel. They have smart solutions and minimal details, which saves energy in production and facilitates recycling of the material.

The materials are recycled polyester and undyed cotton, the polyester is dyed using the e.dye® process, which reduces water consumption by 75% and all garments are also OEKO-TEX® certified.

Buttons are made of raw finished metal alloy, using a metal treatment method that cuts water consumption. Most of the zipper and all details are made of recycled polyester.

An environmentally sustainable process for dyeing fabrics which reduces water consumption by 75% compared with traditional dyeing. The color is added to the raw material before it becomes yarn and gives superior color performance because the color is inside the yarn.

Zero waste
Fristads reuse all waste material from production. Surplus material from all Fristads Green products are utilized on site and are turned into “comfort pads”, a bonus product for elbows and knees.