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For Bombardier EPD are a transparent way to communicate their environmental impact

For Bombardier EPDs are a transparent way to communicate their environmental impact

Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Their history goes back to the 1930’s, when their founder built a “snow vehicle”. Since then they have improved and generate new technologies. As early as 1998 they decided to register an EPD.

“We needed a transparent and verifiable way of communicating the environmental impact of our products. We needed to put the work we did on display and tell our customers and stakeholders all about it. EPDs filled the bill and provided the platform for making this possible. Our first EPD was back in 1998 when we delivered the C20 Metro to SL in Stockholm. We have come a long way since then, but EPDs still remain instrumental in providing a transparent communication platform for the EcoDesign work at Bombardier”.

Bombardier says that using the International EPD-system as their environmental impact communication platform it provides a guarantee of transparency and data quality. It also provides standardization of environmental impact communication across their industry, while at the same time allowing for the flexibility they need in order to highlight specific aspects of their work that set them apart from the pack.

“EPDs have had a great impact in our industry. Way more than any of us expected initially. Now, nearly 20 years later, we see EPDs regularly being requested by our customers across the globe. It is great to see that through pioneering the use of EPDs in the rail industry and leading the development of the rail industry PCR, Bombardier has managed to shape future market requirements. It puts us in a competitively advantageous position and assures us that the decision taken years back to adopt the EPD system as our environmental impact communication platform was spot-on”.

EPDs have also triggered an interest in the actual EcoDesign work that Bombardier are doing. They have been approached on numerous occasions by companies within and outside the rail industry, where an EPD has provided the starting point for extensive discussions on what lies behind the actual document.

“We believe that EPDs have triggered the application of EcoDesign for many companies exposed to them. Having an EPD to showcase our work also acts as a catalyst, providing additional drive for EcoDesign within Bombardier. We find that EPDs are highly valued by our customers, our management and our stakeholders”. 

The business area for train and trams are developing a lot. Has Bombardier find it interesting of using EPDs in public procurement?

“Although one can be optimistic about the advantage Bombardier would have when objective criteria would be used to identify the quality of the environmental carried out in our industry, we also believe that the pitfalls are many and one should use extreme caution. Although the ambition is great, we do not believe that this is something that could be implemented at this point in time. This would require further methodological standardization to assure comparability. We welcome however any work carried out in this direction and would look forward to supporting it”.