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EPD case studies

Learn about how other companies have created EPDs and be inspired on how they are used in different applications and sectors.

Company case studies

  • Port of Bilbao

    Port of Bilbao11/4/2019

    Along with their work in sustainability, the Port of Bilbao has now created an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). They want to take the correct measures, establish accurate diagnose and have the tool that allows them to undertake projects that are truly significant in reducing environmental impact.

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  • Fristads


    Manufacturing and sales of textiles have a major impact on our planet. Environmental impact arises throughout the manufacturing chain, from raw materials to finished product. Fristads now have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a whole collection, because they want to make a difference.

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  • CJ CheilJedang

    CJ CheilJedang12/6/2018

    CJ CheilJedang has become the first company from South Korea to register an EPD in the International EPD ® System. The company has led the...

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  • Kerakoll


    Kerakoll is a leading manufacturer of materials and services in the applied chemical sector for building applications. The company has been focusin...

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  • Registering EPDs was the last step for Granarolo

    Registering EPDs was the last step for Granarolo12/5/2014

    Granarolo high quality milk in PET bottles was the first fresh milk product in the world to receive a certified Environmental Product Declaration....

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  • For Bombardier EPD are a transparent way to communicate their environmental impact

    For Bombardier EPD are a transparent way to communicate their environmental impact12/5/2014

    Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Their history goes back to the 1930’s, when their founder built a “snow...

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  • Trafikverket


    Trafikverket is responsible for the overall long-term infrastructure planning of road, rail, sea and air transport in Sweden. Since a few years the...

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  • EPD as part of a sustainable strategy

    EPD as part of a sustainable strategy4/25/2014

    Acciona proves its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first construction company worldwide to register an EPD for civil infrastructures.

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  • Analyzing hygiene pads

    Analyzing hygiene pads 3/26/2014

    Serenity, an Italian producer of hygiene products such as pads, decided to step up from LCA to registered EPDs. This included analyzing life cycle aspects of more than half of its products in one go.

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  • Improving Nordic electricity

    Improving Nordic electricity2/27/2014

    Today Vattenfall has five certified EPDs for electricity generated in the Nordic countries and the UK. These cover hydro power, wind power and nuclear power – and includes almost 100% of Vattenfall’s electricity generation in Sweden.

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