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Costs and fees

The fees below apply until December 2017. An updated list of fees will be applied from January 2018.

The funding for managing the International EPD® System comes mainly from the fee structure connected to the registration and publication of EPDs within the International EPD® System:

  • Registration fee (a one-time cost)
  • Annual fee (recurring)

The information below applies to all countries, except in those countries where EPD registration is handled via a regional partner (currently: Australia, Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey).

The prices below are specified without VAT, and may be revised in the future. International transactions are exempt from VAT if the VAT number of the organisation has been provided in the registration form. Payments are due 30 days from the date of the invoice from EPD International AB. The programme operator may deregister EPDs if the registration fee or annual fee is not paid in time.

Registration fee

The registration fee is a one-time fee, which is invoiced upon EPD registration.

During registration, additional options may be selected, such as creation of a Climate Declaration or dual registration of the EPD with another programme. Some of these additional options are subject to additional fees.

Number of EPDs registered at the same timeTotal registration feeCorresponding fee per EPD
1 €1 500 €1 500
2 €2 600 €1 300
3 €3 300 €1 100
4 €3 600 €900
5 €4 000 €800
6 €4 200 €700
7 €4 550 €650
8 €4 800 €600
9 €4 950 €550
≥10 €500 per EPD €500

Annual fee

The annual fee is to be paid per organisation while its EPDs remains published and registered. The annual fee is independent of the number of EPDs registered by the organisation, and only depends on the size of the organisation.

All updates of registered EPDs during their validity (e.g. editorial updates) or after they have expired are included in the annual fee.

Type of organisationAnnual fee
Micro companies (1-10 employees) €500
Small or medium-sized companies (11-250 employees) €1 000
Large companies (>250 employees) €2 500
Industry associations registering a Sector EPD €1 000

Company groups wishing to register EPDs from multiple companies in the group are encouraged to contact the Secretariat.

With the first EPD registration of an organisation, a share of the annual fee of the present calendar year will be invoiced together with the registration fee: registration in Q1: 100%, Q2: 75%, Q3: 50%, Q4: 25%. Annual fees after the first, partial calendar year are then normally invoiced at the beginning of the year.

The organisation shall inform the programme operator when the EPDs are to be deregistered and no longer published. If the last EPD of a company is de-registered, an invoice will be then be sent with the share of the annual fee of the elapsed part of the year.

Companies that have EPDs registered and have paid the annual fee may also additional benefits, such as a lower cost to attend seminars or trainings hosted by the International EPD® System.

Voluntary additional options during EPD registration

Create an electronic certificate for the EPD €0
Create and publish one Climate Declaration based on the EPD €200 per product
Use the ECO Platform logo and reference number in the EPD, and publish in the list on www.eco-platform.org €100 per EPD and year