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What is an EPD®?

An Environmental Product Declaration, EPD®, is a verified document that reports environmental data of products based on life cycle assessment (LCA) and other relevant information and in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations).

What about the ®?

The EPD® logotype and the acronym EPD® are registered trademarks within the European Union and use of them within the EU is therefore only allowed for certified EPDs within the International EPD® System.

An environmental declaration, is defined, in ISO 14025, as quantified environmental data for a product with pre-set categories of parameters based on the ISO 14040 series of standards, but not excluding additional environmental information. An environmental declaration is created and registered in the framework of a type III environmental declarations programme, such as the International EPD® System.

All EPD®s in the International EPD® System are publically available and free to download on this site through the EPD Search. You can also read more about creating EPD®s and how to communicate the environmental performance of products in a transparent and credible way.

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  • Analyzing hygiene pads

    Analyzing hygiene pads 3/26/2014

    Serenity, an Italian producer of hygiene products such as pads, decided to step up from LCA to registered EPDs. This included analyzing life cycle aspects of more than half of its products in one go.

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  • Improving Nordic electricity

    Improving Nordic electricity2/27/2014

    Today Vattenfall has five certified EPDs for electricity generated in the Nordic countries and the UK. These cover hydro power, wind power and nuclear power – and includes almost 100% of Vattenfall’s electricity generation in Sweden.

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  • Certified furnishing

    Certified furnishing10/15/2012

    A natural evolution of Arper's environmental policy was to integrate LCA as a tool in the design phase of its products. A number of EPDs for its chairs and tables is now in place.

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  • Communicating credible car fibres

    Communicating credible car fibres 10/11/2012

    Miko has some leading car manufacturers to thank for its LCA approach.

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