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Guidance on interpretation of programme instructions

Sometimes the programme instructions are difficult to interpret in terms of some of its requirements and recommendations. Guidance on the use is provided by the Technical Committee, and is incorporated into future versions of the document.

In the meantime, this guidance is available on this page.

Clarification regarding periodical surveillance of EPDs

It has come to our attention that the GPI requirements (GPI 2.5 sections 4.10 - 4.11) on surveillance of the EPDs are interpreted differently. Different requirements on the periodical surveillance lead to differences of the costs of maintaining the EPD among the EPD owners.

The Technical Committee of the International EPD System decided on their meeting on September 15 2016 to issue a clarification regarding periodical surveillance:

  • The EPD owner is responsible to check if there is a need to update the EPD to reflect changes in technology or other circumstances that could alter the content and accuracy of the EPD. This should at least be done annually by the EPD owner.
  • If there are no changes, the EPD owner shall inform the verifier. No further action is needed by the EPD owner.
  • The verifier should keep a register of these annual communications from the EPD owner. These communications should, at least, contain an statement and signature of the EPD owner assuming his/her responsibility on the declaration of changes or no changes that may affect the result of the EPD.
  • Editorial changes of the EPD do not require a new verification of the updated EPD, but the updated EPD shall be sent to the Secretariat in for publication. The original validity date remains.
  • If there are changes that may affect the result of the EPD, the EPD owner carries out a general check to see if any of the environmental parameters might have worsened more than 10%. [Edit 2017-09-18 by Secretariat: Minor edit to match the wording in the current version of the programme instructions] If so, there are two alternatives:
  1. update and verify the EPD according to the original GPI and PCR: same validity period as the original EPD
  2. update and verify the EPD according to the valid GPI and PCR (if they have been updated) and the validity is extended according to PCR (i.e. 3-5 years)

The same requirements apply on the verifications mentioned above in point 1 and 2  as on the verification of the original EPD.