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Frozen hamburger MONTANA

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Product information


Montana hamburgers are a frozen meat preparation products sold in two different packs: 400g and 1000g Hamburgers have a very easy production flow that we can describe in few steps.

Whole muscles of meat, coming from deboned quarters of bovine, are grinded and mixed with different ingredients like breadcrumbs and salt.

The mix is than formed in round patties, frozen and packed in 4 or 10 pieces cases. Finished and ready products are immediately stocked in cold store at -22°C, waiting for the shipment by cooled trucks.

Detailed information

Registration No: S-P-00711
Registration date: 2015-06-04
Version date: 2015-03-06
Valid until: 2018-03-02
Verified by: SGS Italia S.p.A.
Reference PCR(s): Meat of mammals
Geographical scope: Italy

Company information

Company name: INALCA S.p.A.
Country: Italy
Contact: Giovanni Sorlini
Website: www.inalca.it

Included products in this epd

    Frozen hamburger MONTANA "Naturali", 4x and 10x packages